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You can Ask Your Pharmacist

February 10, 2018 by FDAdmin
Before you come to the pharmacy, it is a good idea that you write down all the questions or concerns that you may have about your new prescription or refill. You will be more prepared and the pharmacist can educate you about your medicine therapy or treatment. The Pharmacist is prepared to answer the following questions:
  • Is there a generic version of the prescribed drug?
  • Are there major side effects or special instructions?
  • Ok, what if I miss a dose?
  • How should I store my medication?
  • Can you see what I am already taking? (medication review)
  • Do you think I should see a doctor?
You can talk openly to your Pharmacist. These are a few, but very important questions and concerns to discuss with the Pharmacist. You should never feel that any question is bothersome. Every question is important. You need to clearly understand what you are taking and how to properly take the medicine to get the best and optimum results. Remember, both your primary doctor and your local Pharmacist are your healthcare team. Both are your medical professionals, here to educate and keep you informed. “Our pharmacists are here to help and will always be available to answer questions on any subject. The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make for yourself and your family.” – Fanwood Pharmacy

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